Murray Hallam The “Aquaponics Guru” Exposed

Murray Hallam is the director and founder of Practical Aquaponics and Aquaponics Made Easy. He founded the company in 2006. Murray was raised in the South Queensland area of Australia in farm country. Once he discovered aquaponics for his own use, he did research into improving the way it is performed. This is when he came up with his Practical Aquaponics method.

He has developed video series, equipment and supplies based on his research into this method of growing plants. He has provided people in many countries with Aquaponics Kits and other valuable training on the topic.

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You can even find videos on YouTube today explaining his version of aquaponics. There he has had over 3 million views on more than 50 videos that he has produced. He now has sold more than 100,000 instructional DVDs in an attempt to educate the public further on this type of gardening. The passion he has for this topic comes through with everything he does.

Murray has developed such a unique way of teaching this topic that colleges are even using it. He is well-traveled, with visiting farms to train and to set up aquaponics systems. Murray Hallam even consults with the owners of these farms.

Hallam has even played a part in the documentary movie called “Food Freedom Rebels, Aquaponics Across America”. Planet Stewards also was involved in this project. This film introduces you to some innovators in aquaponics throughout America. They work in backyard gardens and other places to explore this type of gardening. See how these stewards raise fish and grow healthy foods working in conjunction with nature.

The nice thing is that with the help of Murray Hallam, you can learn how to do this for yourself through using his Practical Aguaponics method. He shares his knowledge through teaching and lecturing at many different places. If you are wondering about his qualifications, he does hold the Australian Government’s TEA40110 Certification IV for Training and Assessment.

You can find versions of the Practical Aquaponics Kits small enough to fit on home balconies or large production models for the backyard. This allows you to enjoy this type of gardening wherever you live. Since there are so many teaching aids with the various books and DVDs offered, you will be able to perfect this technique of aquaponics in only a short time. Your harvest will be plentiful and healthy, and you will be glad that you discovered Murray Hallam and his Practical Aquaponics.

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