Critical Aquaponics System Considerations

AquaponicsSetting up an aquaponics system is a great way to grow fruits, veggies, and other plants more cheaply, easily, and cleanly, and it will enable you to set up your own pet fish tank in the same space as your garden. It’s one of the best ways to save space on a garden and pet area, and you’ll find that your fruits and veggies will grow much more easily than you might have imagined.

If you’re going to set up the aquaponics system, here are a few things to consider:


When you run the aquaponic garden, the most important thing you will need is electricity.

The water in the tank will have to run through a pump, which will push it through a filter that will clean the water and make it usable for watering the plants. Both the filter and the pump will need electricity, and you may want to use some grow lights as well.

You’ll need to consider how best to run the electricity to your grow area, such as via extension cords or underground in a conduit. Figure out if your home can handle the extra strain that running the garden will place on your energy systems, or look into getting a generator that will run all day long.

Seeing as electricity is the most important thing for your garden, it’s the most important thing for you to consider.

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The ground where you will set up the tank and the garden will need to be as flat and level as possible. If the tank is slanted to one side, the water won’t be level and the space that the fish have to swim around in will be reduced.

You may end up losing a lot of water that drips onto the ground rather than into the tank, so you need to ensure that your tank is as level as possible. The water will use gravity to flow properly, so make sure to level out the ground and make it as flat as you can before installing the tank.


The sound of the pump running isn’t going to be too loud, but it will be consistent and steady. Some people find that dull noise in the background is very annoying, and you don’t want to anger your neighbors or your family by installing the garden with its perpetually-running pump.

Make sure to check with your neighbors and family before installing the tank, and check the noise output of the pump to ensure that it isn’t too loud. If you want your garden to succeed, you’ll need a pump that is always running.


You cannot leave your fish tank and aquaponic garden exposed to the elements, as the slightest bit of acid rain or hail can throw off the pH balance in your tank, kill your plants, and possibly even cause your fish to die.

It is important that there is some kind of roof providing protection for your fish tank and garden, to keep them safe from rain, hail, snow, sleet, and any other form of inclement weather. You may even want a roof that will protect them from the sun, as too much bright sun can harm your plants. Consider what type of roof will be most practical for your garden.

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