Aquaponics Fish 6 Types of Fish That’ll Thrive

Tilapia AquaponicsA major part of the aquaponics gardening is the fish, as the fish provide the waste material that serves as the fertilizer for the plants. Without the aquaponics fish, your garden will simply be another hanging garden that may or may not grow. Having the right fish is very important, so here are some of the best fish to consider if you want to start your own aquaponics fish garden:


The Tilapia fish is actually considered to be the best fish to use to start your aquaponic garden. The fish is very easy to maintain, and you’d be amazed by how quickly it grows. The fish can handle a number of environmental conditions, and it isn’t as sensitive to environmental changes as many of the other fish on the list below. You will need to keep the water fairly warm, which can cost you a bit more come winter. However, the fact that they are edible makes them a great choice, as you can eat them should they multiply out of control!


If you’re looking for a fish that will catch the eye, the Japanese Koi is the one for you. These highly ornamental fish are brightly colored, and you can spot them slicing their way through the water thanks to their sparkling scales. Many people use these fish for their aquaponic garden, and then sell them off once they have reached maturity. They can be excellent fish to care for, but they require more work.

Silver Perch

The hardiest of all the fishes on this list, the silver fish is the one for you if you want to do as little work on your garden as possible. They will grow happily in almost any weather, and they will thrive 12 months of every year. They will be easy to feed, as they love green plants. You’ll find that they’re some of the cheapest fish for your tank in terms of maintenance costs, but they will take upwards of 1 year to grow.


If you live in a cold climate where the weather never really warms up, you may want to consider trout as the right fish for your tank. Trout can handle colder water temperatures, and actually prefers cool water to warm water. The fish grows very quickly, and you’ll find that the flavor of trout is absolutely delightful! They make one of the best aquaponics fish, so they’re a good option for those living in the colder regions of the country.


The goldfish are in the carp family – just like the Koi – but they share the same delicate constitution as the Koi have. Their water temperature and pH levels need to be kept fairly consistent in order for the fish to thrive, but they do require plant cover in order to breed. They aren’t able to handle stress as well as other fish, but you will find that they are great little fish to grow!

Largemouth Bass

These fish can handle pretty much any water conditions, though they will take as long as 17 months to grow properly. They don’t like bright light, and they require special food in order to grow. They require very delicate handling, but they make great dinners once they are fully grown!

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