Andrew Endres The Man Behind “DIY Aquaponics”

Easy DIY Aquaponics was created and written by Andrew Endres. He grew up working in gardens as a child and he has always enjoyed doing this and finding better ways to grow all of the vegetables that he enjoys. Nowadays he is a family man and has a daughter. The program that he has created can be used by anyone to create a symbolic system between plants and animals.

One of the main reasons behind Andrew Endres wanting to find a way to get fresh vegetables was because of the cost of getting fresh vegetables from a supermarket. Due to him growing up around backyard gardens he knew that he did not want to take things in that direction.

Andrew Endres likes to talk about how he used to till the dirt before adding fertilizer. He had a constant battle on his hands trying to stay on top of the weeds and this was a nearly impossible thing to do. The information and feeling that he has towards growing fresh vegetables was easy to understand as it could be related to him growing up and living on a farm and also the big gardens that he used to have.

Since starting work full time he was unable to have a garden and therefore was unable to grow fresh vegetables, which was something that he greatly missed. Once he moved back into the countryside he decided that he would start to grow his own fresh vegetables again. He soon discovered that the soil in the country was mainly shale rock and this is not very good for growing plants in.

One day he was having a conversation with one of his friends telling them how much he would like to grow his own vegetables but did not have proper soil for doing so. His friend then told him about a way of growing plants that he had come across which actually involved the use of fish. This method of growing plants involved the fish feeding the plants with their waste and in return the plants gave the fish some clean water.

Andrew Endres liked the sound of this alternative system as it meant that because there was no soil there would be no need for digging and weeding. The water would be recycled therefore it would use about eighty per cent less water compared to that of a normal garden and normal farming methods. This gardening system also meant that the plants were able to grow faster and produced more whilst not having to worry about pesticides and bugs.

The Aquaponics system eliminates the disadvantages that are normally associated with hydroponics and aquaculture. This system actually combines hydroponics and aquaculture and makes it into an easy to control method. The Aquaponics system was started during the 1970’s and since then it has been streamlined and refined to the point where almost anyone is able to build their own garden at home using this method.

One of the best things about this system is that it is automated and therefore does not take much work. There is also no need to have a large area of land, as this system does not actually take up that much space. This system means that everyone is able to grow their own fresh vegetables.

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