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Easy DIY Aquaponics – The Key Components
The Easy DIY Aquaponics system (from Andrew Endres) is a step by step approach to guiding you through setting up your own aquaponics system. The product comes in disk form so you can view it on your computer. From that point on, you can then create your own food quickly and easily regardless of your home situation. Easy DIY Aquaponics comes in two parts. Firstly, there's an eBook which is instantly [...]
Aquaponics 4 You – Comprehensive Program Details
Aquaponics 4 You is an Aquaponics setup guide created by Aquaponics enthusiast, John Fay. This setup guide is based around a 53 page report that takes you through setting up a system from start to finish. John Fay gets started by giving an overview of the following: Location Considerations Food Produced Key Concepts Simplified The Chemistry and Physics Behind Aquaponics The next [...]
John Fay – The Aquaponics “Expert” Exposed
John Fay is an Aquaponics enthusiast, and creator of the top selling Aquaponics guide, "Aquaponics 4 You" (a step-by-step guide on how to build your own aquaponics system). John is a certified organic farmer and an aquaponics expert. According to Fay, aquaponics is one of the best and most productive ways of growing organic plants. Fay has put a lot of effort and research into creating the [...]
Andrew Endres – The Man Behind “DIY Aquaponics”
Easy DIY Aquaponics was created and written by Andrew Endres. He grew up working in gardens as a child and he has always enjoyed doing this and finding better ways to grow all of the vegetables that he enjoys. Nowadays he is a family man and has a daughter. The program that he has created can be used by anyone to create a symbolic system between plants and animals. One of the main reasons behind [...]
Aquaponics Plans: Here’s What You Need To Know
If you're building yourself an Aquaponic garden, you'll find that you're entering a realm that not too many people are familiar with. While there are many hydroponics and greenhouse garden experts, Aquaponics is a niche field that isn't as well-known as you might think. Setting up an Aquaponics garden may mean that you have to do everything yourself, so it's important that you consider everything [...]
Murray Hallam – The “Aquaponics Guru” Exposed
Murray Hallam is the director and founder of Practical Aquaponics and Aquaponics Made Easy. He founded the company in 2006. Murray was raised in the South Queensland area of Australia in farm country. Once he discovered aquaponics for his own use, he did research into improving the way it is performed. This is when he came up with his Practical Aquaponics method. He has developed video series, equipment [...]
Aquaponics Made Easy Review – An Inside Look
The Aquaponics Made Easy program (created by Murray Hallam) is one that's designed to help beginners set up and start their own aquaponic garden. You'll find that the manual is very complete, and it comes with everything you need to know about getting your aquaponic garden started - even if you don't know a thing about gardening, raising fish, or setting up the equipment. The DVD comes packed with [...]
Critical Aquaponics System Considerations
Setting up an aquaponics system is a great way to grow fruits, veggies, and other plants more cheaply, easily, and cleanly, and it will enable you to set up your own pet fish tank in the same space as your garden. It's one of the best ways to save space on a garden and pet area, and you'll find that your fruits and veggies will grow much more easily than you might have imagined. If you're going [...]
Aquaponics Gardening – Pros & Cons Exposed
Many people have heard of hydroponic gardening, but aquaponics gardening is a concept that not many people are familiar with. When done properly, aquaponics can be an excellent way of growing plants, as I'm about to explain. Aquaponic gardening basically involves growing plants over a fish tank. The water that is used to hydrate the plants drip through the soil and back into the tanks, where the [...]
Aquaponics Fish – 6 Types of Fish That’ll Thrive
A major part of the aquaponics gardening is the fish, as the fish provide the waste material that serves as the fertilizer for the plants. Without the aquaponics fish, your garden will simply be another hanging garden that may or may not grow. Having the right fish is very important, so here are some of the best fish to consider if you want to start your own aquaponics fish garden: Tilapia The [...]
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