Why Aquaponics

Are you interested in growing your own vegetables, fruits, or plants, but don’t want to spend a small fortune on a greenhouse or a costly hydroponics setup?

If so, you may want to consider aquaponics. Using an aquaponic garden will enable you to set up a much lower-cost garden – one that will allow you to grow plants as well as fish. It’s not only practical, but it’s beautiful as well!

What is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is a combination of aquaculture, and hydroponics…in other words, growing plants in a container that runs off into a fish tank (where there are fish). The water that is used to hydrate the plants comes from the fish tank, and it is purified before being used for the plants. The fish byproducts work as a form of fertilisation and help to nourish the plants. Click here to learn more about Aquaponics.

Why You Should Consider Aquaponics

There are a number of reasons that you should consider aquaponic gardening:

  1. Aquaponic systems use less water — When you water a traditional garden, the water is absorbed into the ground – where it will nourish the plants but also run off into the groundwater. However, when you water the plants in your aquaponics system, the water will simply run off the plants, through the soil, and into the fish tanks beneath the plants. There is no water wasted, as it is circulated and cleaned in order to make it healthy for fish and plants alike.
  2. Plants grow more quickly — Interestingly enough, aquaponic systems can make your plants grow a lot faster. Systems set up correctly can grow vegetables not only faster, but with a greater density than the traditional garden turns out. There’s also no risk of depleting the soil’s nutrients, and there is no real need to use soil for growing the plants.
  3. Aquaponic systems are clean and organic — Most people that run an aquaponic garden will grow only organic food and plants, as the system needs to be clean in order to keep the fish alive. If you were to use pesticides and chemicals on your plants, the chemical runoff into the tanks below would kill the fish. This style of gardening allows the plants to grow without the use of any chemicals.
  4. Aquaponics saves energy — With a hydroponic growing system, you have to purchase lights, sprayers, a drainage system, and a lot more. Hydroponics will end up using a whole lot more energy, not to mention water. With aquaponics, there is really only electricity that’s used. The pump has to circulate the water, the filter needs to clean it, and there are some grow lights used. However, other than this, there is not much else that is required to set up an aquaponic garden. It will cost you about 75% less than the other types of gardens.
  5. Aquaponics is much safer — When you grow plants in soil, there’s always the risk of bugs, pathogens, bacteria, and even small creatures getting into your garden. With an aquaponic garden, there’s no risk of anything getting into your plants or your fish. As long as you keep the water nice and clean, your garden should stay perfectly healthy very easily.

How To Get Started?

The easiest and fastest way to set up your own Aquaponic System is to follow a simple step by step guide. Here at we review several programs that have been designed specifically for people who want to learn more about Aquaponics and set up their own systems.

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